Our Short History

Born on July 23,1893 in Warren Point, New Jersey, Anthony Tunis was the son of Harry and Maud Hoek Shortway. Tunis was an athlete and one of the best pitchers in the metropolitan area. Everyone called him Tune. In his prime he pitched baseball against such greats as Honus Wagner and Jim Thorpe, famous Major league baseball players. He could have played in the Major Leagues, but salaries were so small that he couldn’t make enough to support a family. He became a mason contractor and built houses. In 1913, Tune married Anna Aupperlee. They had 2 sons, Harry and Anthony, whome everyone knew as tex. They lived in Paterson. In 1928, Tune bought land in Hawthorne, which was mostly farmland. There was a house, a gas station and a barn with a 3 car garage and 2 horse barns. During the prohibition years Tune made his own booze. Everyone convinced him to build a small bar and open it up as Shortway’s Barn. Then he applied for a liquar license. In September 1933, the doors were opened legally. A bar without fooddid okay, but Tune decided to sell the now famous hot roast beef sandwitches on hard rolls and kept adding food to the menu. Shortway’s was on of the most popuar places in touwn. Tune passed away in December 1942. The Barn and the farm were left to Harry and Tex.

Harry married Marjorie Holmes in 1936. Tex and Mage ran the barn while Harry worked at Curtis Wright Corporation. In the early 1950’s, Harry bought his brother’s share of the business. The Barn woud go through many changes, Plways keeping up with the times. During the 50’s it was a stop for truck drivers, coming in for the acclaimed hot roast beef sandwitches. As the clientele changed, so did the Barn. the place was renovated into a larger bar and the back room booths were removed. In the 60’s and 70’s, go-go dances were featured and business boomed. Once again the place changed. Harry passed away on October 26,1981, leaving Marge as the Owner of the Barn. In 1982 there would be more changes in store. The entire building was gutted and a new Shortway’s Barn was born. Out with the pool table and go-go girls and in with a new decor. It has taken many years to replace the reputation of a “man’s bar”. Shortway’s Born sure has come a long way.

Through the years, Marge was an avid Yankee fan, enjoying the games with her customers. Just as Yankee Stadium become known as “The House that Ruth Built”, Shortway’s Barn become “The House that Marge Built”. Her love of family and friends has given the Barn a warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone. Her endless energy brought her to become the first woman elected to the Howthorne Council. She served the Borough for 15 years, from 1990 to 2005. Marge become known as the First lady of Howthorne. On September 21,2005, her daughter Debra passed away, leaving an emptiness felt by Marge and her other ten children. Debra was a hardworking bortender dealing with kidney diseases. She lived her life to the fullest. Fifteen months later, on December 20,2006, Marge passed away, and a void was felt within the family. On September 6,2009, Marge’s son Tunie passed away. He was everyone’s “handy man” and always helped out at the Barn. Marge’s wishes were to continue the shortway’s Barn tradition through her family.

From the first moment you arrive in that restaurant the personel give you a nice feeling. Very friendly stuff, it is a nice restaurant to go out with friends and colleagues or with your date. Excellent meals, experienced chef de cuisine, good pay and courteous service. Highly recommended.
Alec Holden
Great place to have fun. We heard a reunion of the Bernstein band. A lot. Of students from their classes in Ramsey were there. They were still a great band and the classmates great dancers. Their hamburgers were as terrific as ever. Good drinks and good service. A smoke stand is located outside.
Bev Moore
Always a good time with homemade soups, good bar food, friendly bartenders & great live music on the weekend. A clean, local spot where you can be comfortable while eating comfort food. Cauliflower soup is the best!
Mary Cabrera
This place is kind of a hidden treasure. I've passed this place a hundred times and only tried it for lunch about a month ago. Since then I've been back 3 times!! The food is great and there's plenty of menu options that will satisfy everyone's tastes. I've had the French Dip sandwich, which was very good and the burgers are super! Don't pass this place by if you're in the area.
Stephen Lesser